The Danakil photography tour is something that every photography enthusiast must experience

The Danakil photography tour is something that every photography enthusiast must experience. It’s not your average backdrop so the scope for interesting angles and shots is just amazing. The Danakil Depression is located in Ethiopia, a country generally associated with a warm climate, though even locals say that the Depression is too hot. The Danakil Depression is said to be the lowest and hottest place on Earth. Only the extremely adventurous dare to go out there and experience its beauty first hand. You see, for all the hardship one has to endure to get to the Danakil Depression, it is also one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. The Danakil photography tour is planned to take full advantage of this.


You will arrive in Addis Ababa for the Danakil photography tour and from here fly to Hamedela which is the start point of the journey to the Danakil Depression. It is a ride across stony and sandy terrain which is why the Danakil photography tour is always escorted with a group of help. Thisstrays away from other holiday tours whereby the group is only escorted by just one guide and no help. The region is extreme and while it may seem dangerous with over 30 active volcanoes, it is quite safe if toured correctly. The reason for a number of helpers is for getting vehicles out when they become stuck in the sand and to help set up camp every day. Campsites provide the base of overnight accommodation for the Danakil photography tour. The tour is generally 4 days long, a period which allows enough of time for visiting volcanoes, salt mines, lava lakes and sulphur springs.

Photography forms the main basis of the tour so guests will be taking pictures that will not just last a lifetime but also be unique and quality shot. This is because the photography guide is along to offer tips on how to use the different camera techniques to capture the best shots. The Danakil photography tour can be done by anyone, whether you have vested your time in it as a hobby or if you have no prior knowledge of it. The Danakil photography tour is not for everyone though. It is hot and the trip getting there is not exactly the easiest or most comfortable journey.

It’s not much better when the Danakil Depression is reached, though once here, the diverse and different beauty of the area makes you forget about the heat and remoteness. Trekking through this region can really not be achieved alone. One has to go with people who have an intimate knowledge of the area. These can be found through a Danakil photography tour package. A reputable company must be used so that all elements of a successful trip are included in the package price. The remoteness of the area means that preparedness is key to making the journey bearable. The Danakil photography tour can be done all year long. There really is no change in climate which will have an effect on the photos.