The Igoterra app is a facility dedicated towards animal lovers

The Igoterra app is a facility dedicated towards animal lovers. At the core of the app lies the lists which users are able to create. Now there are loads of places on the net where one is able to create lists on anything really, so what makes Igoterra so special. Well, this comes in the animal/pet database of the system which can be pulled up directly from just one entry in a list. This criss-cross of sorts works wonders for people who need their information right then and there.

An example would be a wildlife tracker who has taken a trip to the exotic land of Namibia. You do not have a whole lot of time to search up the exact species of animals that you have spotted for the day. On the Igoterra app, you would just add the picture to your list and then make this particular entry public. The app works as such that you will be connected with people with an interest in the animals you are too. Igoterra offers much more for users. All members essentially become members of a worldwide community. This community is there to offer advice on many issue relating to animals. It does not even need to be solely based on your birding or wildlife tracking abilities.


Members of Igoterra do not need to have to only access their info through the database through their listing but can have direct access to it. An example of using it in this circumstance would be to plan a trip to an unknown country. Birders for instance would do this to get more bird species on their lists and since endemic species can only be found in one place, they would have to travel. Igoterra makes the planning of the trip much easier and for people with actual knowledge of both the area and birds to give their input. Again, you would be chatting with people who are solely interested in your specific birding issues, so there will not be any time wasting to have to suffer through.

So far we have concentrated on wildlife animals and have not even touched base on domesticated ones. Igoterra can be used for them as well. Pets become family, but you would need to rely on expert family members to have a deeper understanding of the breed you have brought home. This of course, would be the wider Igoterra community. All pet related topics can be discussed in detail here. It is not a forum where anyone can post nonsense, but people with whom you would develop relationships with and count on for advice at any time. Information given here can be stored on your list under a specific entry.

Igoterra provides a way for pet owners to keep track of their pet from the day they are brought home. In one place, you know you could have inoculation stamps, pictures, medical history and growth charts. Since Igoterra is web based, your vet can be a member and information can be requested right from here and stored directly as well. Information can be pulled up immediately when needed. Having pictures of your pets uploaded makes for a timeline which will prove invaluable to look back on as they get older or when they are no longer with you.