Algiers is noted for its manmade landscape of those white buildings lining the ocean

As the largest country in Africa, visitors to Algeria can be sure that there is a vast amount of sights and adventures awaiting them in this hugely diverse country. It is just simply too much to take in, so why not consult the pros and leave all the heavy lifting to them. Travel companies are known to sell tours that will include all of the elements of a holiday, snugly scheduled in a neat little package. This package is really affordable and combined with the fully planned nature of the trip makes it a real allure. So what exactly do guests get to experience on an Algeria tour?

The tours hits it stride right upon entry into the country. Algiers is noted for its manmade landscape of those white buildings lining the ocean. The city itself, is a treasure cove just waiting to be explored. Now, because you have booked into an Algeria tour, you will proceed directly to these spots. It is really hard manoeuvring a new country and a lot of time can be wasted simply looking around. On the Algeria tour, guests will not be given a map and sent around. A tour guide is a part of the Algeria tour package. Their job is to ensure that the itinerary is stuck to and that guests get the experiences that they have paid for.


A standard 2 week Algeria tour will see guests getting around to some of the proven highlights of the country. If a more in depth trip is needed, then this can be customized with the tour company. These cities are Algiers, Constantine, Taghit, Oran and the MZab Valley. The coastal city of Algiers is the only modern city visited on the trip. It is a fast rising city with many modern amenities and features and does see tour guests live and travel in relative luxury during the tour. It is the entry point into the country.

Constantine is a mountain city. The only way to get to it is over the suspension bridges lining the mountains. The views you get are second to none, and the city itself is famed for its architecture and libraries housing ancient scrolls. Taghit is a city near the Sahara Desert. Forts which protected the city in yesteryear still stand, waiting to be explored. Oran is considered an Islamic city due to the many great mosques and tombs in it. For Islamic history and culture, it is said to be one of the best cities to visit.

The Mzab Valley is located in the desert landscape. The varying dunes and ancient sites make it a wonder to visit. Local tribes still inhabit the area and are ever so hospitable. Guests are taken around by them and even invited to spend the night in their village. Each of these cities are explored over a few days each during the Algeria tour. If any one of them tickles your fancy, then this city can be booked as the sole location of an Algeria tour.