The journey across Nepal is said to be one of the most spiritual experiences one can get from a holiday

The journey across Nepal is said to be one of the most spiritual experiences one can get from a holiday. Yet it is also the spectacular surroundings of the country that are a huge lure. For this reason many people choose to book into a Nepal photography tour so that they can leave with more than just memories. The Nepal photography tour is structured so that guests have a well-rounded time between sightseeing, photography and partaking in fun activities.

Sightseeing in the country is the first thing you want to do. It is surreal in its natural beauty which makes photography all the more alluring. During sightseeing, it is not just about being taken around to simply marvel at the mountains and architecture but to learn the culture and history and traditions behind it. This is dealt with by the main tour leader.


Photography is the next component. This will take place at the hotel and then when going on tours. At the hotel, tour guests will get acclimated with handling camera equipment and taught all of its various features. Professional, high quality cameras are provided on the trip and if this is a new avenue, then certainly something that has to be mastered before venturing out. When the Nepal photography tour group is out and about, these skills will be put to use to now capture photos. The photography guide is still on hand to give advice. The photography portion of the day ends when the group is done with their evening meal. This is when photos are printed and the photography guide gets a chance to critique and offer advice. The same principle follows the next day. Each day on the Nepal photography tour will bring new lessons on this fascinating art.

Nepal is a country brimming with adventure. A few fun activities are incorporated into the Nepal photography tour, to bring a bit of exhilaration to the journey. Ride wild horses along the foothills of the Himalayas. Have a canoe session in the clear waters of the Pokhara Valley. Take a helicopter to visit tribes in the faraway areas of Tamangs. Also an excellent time for aerial photography. Don’t just admire the majestic peaks but take a hike a fair way up or mountain climb. These are the things that you will take away in memories from any holiday and should be done with vigour. The landscape of Nepal not only allows for excellent photos but partaking in activities in beautiful surroundings.

Booking into the Nepal photography tour will see you doing nothing except being taken along for the ride and getting to only enjoy the fun side of a holiday. This is because all of those boring details of check-ins and vehicle rentals are left to the industry professionals. Tour guests will also be well looked after during the trip itself. This really is a necessity when going to a far off place such as Nepal. No responsibility is left to guests. On a holiday tour, it is basically about having a fun time.